It took a lot of clever minds and bright inventors to bring our sleep Cubes into being.


Felix Lange from Langefreunde Design Studio in Schwerin was nominated in 2015 for the German Design Newcomer Award. He was chosen for his holistic view and passionate approach to his work, placing the demands of form and function at the heart of his creation.

The build

Friedrich Deimann from GreenBoats in Bremen is the green conscience of the boat building industry. He produces boats using the high-tech vacuum fusion process using flax, cork and ecological epoxy resins from plant oil. He really helped us tick the sleeperoo sustainability box.


Alexander Vrolijk from judel/vrolijk of Bremerhaven designs and builds stylish high-end racing yachts in normal life. We’re very honored that he developed the construction system for the sleeperoo.


Sven Kraja from Frogsails based in Schleswig-Holstein is an active Beach-sailor. This sailmaker makes beach, yacht, and ice sails and enjoys perfecting his creations. No doubt this is how he came up with the special material coverings for the sleeperoos. This was then finished by the sail-maker, Die Zwei in Bremen.

The build

We have given the further development and optimization of our sleeperoos into the innovative hands of our project development partner, Syntechnics. The team around the brothers Davin und Dustin Homeyer develop and produce unique solutions for customers in areas such as yacht building, medical technology, aviation, and much more. Exactly the right focus for us to grow and develop our sleeperoo product.

Interior fittings

Eva Bovet from Betten Raab in the Rhein-Main area helped us choose the materials for our adventure beds. She is a sleep coach and specialist when it comes to products for restful sleep. The use of sustainable materials was very important to us.