Mediate Travel sleeperoo Ireland wishes all our guests a pleasant and eventful night in our luxurious Design sleep Cube! In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible please follow the house rules below and pass them on to all guests in your party. Guests are informed of the house specific rules and features for each of our locations at check-in. These rules have already been accepted at time of booking.

Check in / Check out

The sleeperoo will be available on the day of arrival/check-in at the time specified on the booking confirmation.

On the day of departure the sleeperoo must be vacated by the time specified on the booking conformation.

The sleeperoo

Luggage can be stored in the functional wall of the sleeperoo or in the compartments provided. Guests will find the sleeperoo already prepared with fresh bed linen and chillbox at the ready. Bring fresh towels if you like, special attention should be paid to valuables, these can sometimes be left with the host for safekeeping.

The overnight

Guests are usually alone at their exclusive sleeperoo spot so a respectful and careful treatment of nature, employees, other guests, and the indoor and outdoor environment, in general, is expected.

The facilities, rooms and objects used must be kept in order and treated with care.

Theft of objects belonging to Mediate Travel sleeperoo Ireland Ltd will be prosecuted.

At night, regular inspection tours make take place in enclosed facilities. Some areas may be under video surveillance or secured by alarm systems.

From 22:00 the observance of night quietness is expected of the guest in order to avoid disturbing one’s surroundings unduly. Avoid playing loudly, playing music loudly, and all forms of noise. Failure to observe these quietness guidelines can result in your being reported to the host and ejected from the spot if necessary.

Animals are generally not permitted.

Children and adolescents must be accompanied by at least one adult responsible for their supervision.


The sleeperoo is usually set up within walking distance of a toilet and wash hand basin.

Please leave no traces in nature or in the surrounding areas. Guests are expected to use only the toilet facilities provided for sanitary purposes. Guests are asked not to throw any hygiene articles or any other objects into the toilets.

A garbage bag is provided in the Chillbox for the disposal of waste, this can be left on-site upon departure. Larger pieces of garbage are to be taken away and disposed of by the guest. Contamination must be removed immediately for the comfort and safety of all concerned.

Please read our current information and guidelines regarding the necessary Corona Virus measures.. here.


Guests receive a snack pack with the booking, the Chillbox. It contains snacks and drinks but does not replace a full meal. sleeperoo Ireland Ltd asks that you refrain from bringing your own food and make use of the hosts catering instead. If there is no local food or host catering available nearby then you are very welcome to bring your own food.

Catering should be offered on site if the guest has no access to outside catering during their stay.


Bringing illegal intoxicants and weapons is strictly prohibited and will lead to an immediate sanction. In all cases, the responsible authorities will be informed immediately. Guests under the influence of alcohol or other drugs can be directed to leave the spot without delay.

Mediate Travel sleeperoo Ireland Ltd reserves the right to claim higher damages if, for example, there is a fire service bill to be paid due to guest misconduct like the triggering of an alarm or fire damage due to unauthorized smoking. Parking bicycles or other vehicles out of designated areas is also prohibited. In the event of an infringement Mediate Travel sleeperoo Ireland Ltd reserves the right to invoice the cost of safekeeping, collection, and disposal if necessary.

In case of emergency

If a fire alarm sounds guests must leave the sleeperoo spot as quickly as possible. Should this occur guests must only use staircase and emergency staircase systems, not lifts/elevators. Emergency exits are marked and escape plans are posted.

House rights

Spot house-rules must be obayed.

The spot hosts or their agents are empowered to enforce the house rules. Violation of the house rules will lead to expulsion, ban, prosecution and/or claims for damages. A refund for services paid is excluded. Instructions of the spot /host or their agents or those appointed by Mediate Travel sleeperoo Ireland to enforce the house rules must be followed.


In general, the general terms and conditions of Mediate Travel sleeperoo Ireland are valid. However, the house rules particular to the localhost/spot take precedence where applicable.

Mediate Travel sleeperoo Ireland wishes all of their guests a pleasant and eventful stay.

House Rules | Date: 1. July 2020 | Mediate Travel Ltd sleeperoo Ireland