Exceptional overnight stays for Hens or Stags

Attention girls and guys! Grab the Prosecco and pints and plan an exceptional overnight stay for a stag party, a girls’ weekend, or a special time with someone special. We have selected four spots that are sure to inspire you. By the way, our sleeperoo design sleep cube has space for two or three people.

Girls or guys weekend at the Eich Bathing beach near Worms

Aißergewöhnliche Übernachtungen für ein Mädelswochenende am Badesee

The sun is shining and you enjoy the sweet idleness of lounging in a deck chair on the Eich bathing beach Badestrand Eich. After a bout of beach volleyball or a walk along the waters’ edge you can take a dip in the Altrheinsee or Oldrhein lake to cool off. In the evening, when all the bathers have disappeared and you have the entire beach to yourself, you can make yourself comfortable in your stylish sleep cube only to talk and laugh well into the night. The following lunchtime you can indulge in a wine tasting at the traditional winemaker in Eich or perhaps take a tour of Worms and its famous cathedral. This extraordinary overnight stay will be a memory for life.

Count shooting stars at night in Thuringia

Dorfidylle pur für außergewöhnliche Übernachtungen für ein Mädelswochenende

How about a short trip back in time? In the small village of Tiefengruben in Thuringia the world seems to have stood still. That is why the travel magazine GEO Saison has chosen this place as one of the 15 most beautiful villages in Germany. Picturesque medieval houses, cobblestones, blooming cottage gardens, a small church, and of course, the village shop. Inside there is incredibly delicious apple juice, cider, and regional schnapps or liqueurs (the one made from walnuts is a real hit!). You’ll sleep in a meadow with fruit trees and in the late evening you can see a sky full of stars. This really is the ideal place when it comes to extraordinary overnight stays for a hen or stag weekend. The Hohenfelden reservoir is just five kilometers away. Rent a rowboat and enjoy a picnic on the water.

Cow Cuddling – ideal for relaxing and for very memorable overnight stays

Zum Frauentag Kurztrip mit Kuhkuscheln planen!

Kuhkuscheln Cow cuddling is the most relaxing thing ever, have you tried it?. Grab your best friend, get to the Bergisches Land and just try it out together. Which of you dares to be first to approach the big furry four-legged friends, weighing over 700 kilos? Of course, you will go out to the pasture with knowledgeable support and get tips on how to best approach your chosen bovine buddy. You’ll be quickly scratching the head of Isabella or Valentino. A little later, when the cows are comfortably lying on the grass and chewing the cud, you’ll lean against their warm bodies. You’ll feel how they breathe in and out calmly. Incredibly relaxing, this is the ultimate animal anti-stress program!

Visit the Husky-Pack in Holstein  

Husky-Feeling -außergewöhnliche Übernachtungen für ein Mädelswochenende

Grayling, Lulu und Juri belong to Europe’s largest husky pack Husky-Rudel im Nordwesten von Hamburg. . The blue-eyed powerhouses are strong as a bear, but love the human touch. As soon as the huskies are harnessed to their sledges, they do their best with full paw power. It is best to book a husky tour in advance and then you can whiz through the beautiful Holstein landscape at any time of the year. After this adventure, you’ll sleep in our cozy sleep cube which stands in a meadow very close to the beautiful animals.