Sleeperoo the Experience

The Night, The Place, and You.

Just get out! For one night forget the hectic bustle of everyday life and the stresses of the work routine. Explore unusual places that will enthrall you: the end of a pier, by a lighthouse, or on a lonely beach. Perhaps you’d prefer to be in a forest or a fragrant meadow surrounded by animals peacefully grazing. Would you prefer the indoor experiences of the museum night or waking up in the pitlane of a car track. Sleeperoo stages both breathtaking experiences and subtle moments that become extraordinary memories. Enjoy the experience alone or with that special someone. Each of our Design | sleep Cubes stands alone in their special surroundings so you can enjoy exclusively the atmosphere of your special place all night long.

Alone with your thoughts or as a couple, enjoy sleeperoo experience nights.

In the sleeperoo you’ll lie on a very comfortable 1.60m wide by 2m long soya micro-particle mattress that offers ample space for two adults or a family with a small child. Make yourself really cosy with our soft warm blankets and pillows. the entire sleeperoo is made from sustainable and recyclable materials. There are integrated LED lights and lots of storage space for your comfort. Three large panorama windows and the transparent roof give clear views of your surroundings and the sky above you. In the outdoor spots you can feel the sun and wind on your skin if you so choose and soak up the special atmosphere of the indoor spots. The Chillbox you will find filled with delicious snacks and drinks of the best organic quality for an aperitif at sunset.

Here’s how it works

1Choose your sleeperoo!

Whether you choose by time window, by location or specific interest sleeperoo search will help you find your favorite place.

2Booking your sleeperoo!

Click on the “Book” button and simply follow the instructions.  In the commentary field you can enter special information for your host, for example, “There will be a small child or wheelchair user in our party”.Voucher codes should be entered in the shopping cart.

3We'll confirm your booking!

You will immediately receive a booking confirmation by E-Mail. You will then receive a second E-Mail with your ticket and an information sheet about your spot containing details about the location, the host, and your Check-in and Check-out times.

Good to know

Good to know

Your sleep cube stands alone in the location of your choice so that this experience belongs entirely to you. The cube is thoroughly sanitized and the luxurious mattress (1,60 m x 2,00 m) is aired and covered with fresh comfortable bed linen.

You will find a toilet and washing facilities in the immediate vicinity. Please bring towels and toiletries with you.

At Outdoor-locations in fine conditions, you can open up the sleeperoo’s privacy and weather protections to really soak up the sounds and atmosphere of your location. If its blowing and wild you can close it all and sleep safe and warm;

“As big soft buffetings come at the (cube) sideways
And catch the heart off guard and blow it open.”

Seamus Heany

Check In

Check In

You’ll find your Check-in time on the information sheet that accompanies your ticket. Please bring photo ID or your passport to the check-in. If there are two of you staying overnight, the person whose name is on the ticket should have photo ID with them. Your host on site will explain to you exactly where your sleeperoo is, where the toilet area is, what areas you have access too and other facilities on-site and points of interest nearby. If you have any other questions at this point your host will be happy to help. Your host will also provide you with a Chillbox full of organic drinks and snacks.


Check Out

Check Out

Arrive in good time at the appointed location to meet your host for Check-out. You are invited to leave a message for the sleeperoo team in the guest book before leaving. If you received any keys or other items from the host at check-in please return them at check-out.


After the night is before the night

Are you excited by your sleeperoo experience, please share your special night, post photos and comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and co and then look forward to your next night at a dreamy sleeperoo spot.


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