Experience-nights in a sleeperoo, perfect in Corona-times

The following information is updated regularly. Latest update 20.06.2020

We are opening the booking engine of our sleeperoos in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Irish Government institutions HSE, HSA and Failte Ireland. Sleeperoos give the opportunity for natural social distancing. All updates provided by the authorities above will be implemented and monitored continuously.

Your health, that of our Hosts and Colleagues is of the utmost importance to us.

The sleeperoo concept lends itself to short micro-adventures because of its individual setup. Offering the perfect opportunity for frequent little escapes to exceptional places all the while adhering to social distancing safety regulations.

Our local partner Hosts, that meet and greet you, are also responsible for the daily operation of the sleeperoo. They are responsible for cleaning, hygiene and safety of the sleeperoo according to the standardised specifications of our Host Manual. Payment was made at the time of booking which means the check-in procedure/interaction is reduced to a minimum. You will receive your Chillbox and Codes to open the sleeperoo and storage compartment locks.

We kindly ask you to adhere to the rules during Arrival / Check-in / Check-out:

You can be confident that the Cube has undergone careful cleaning and preparation before your arrival. This cleaning is meticulously documented and displayed clearly on the Fresh4You card inside the sleeperoo. 

In the Chillbox you will also find Disinfection tissues for added peace of mind.

Additional local requirements about social distancing and/or hygiene rules of your Hosts/Spots can be found in the information details of that local host/spot.

If you like to learn even more about the available information in relation to Covid-19 – check out HSE and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control website.

We wish you a wonderful night in the sleeperoo.