About us

We are facilitators, with a courageous and pioneering spirit.

We are passionate about our idea. We want to give lasting, fascinating and valuable memories. A special night, that remains in the head and the heart, in special places, places one can not normally stay overnight. These places can be surprisingly close to home or a world away. The sensation of complete escape from the mundanities of daily life is enhanced by the futuristic design of the sleep cube. Enjoy a micro-adventure or micro-retreat that’s easy, sustainable, and kind to the earth.

At the beginning, we had the spirit to dream and then the courage to realize our dream with professionalism, ambition, and a good dose of tenacity. Today we are looking for and finding partners who themselves are real enablers and are wanting to advance this great idea.

Harald Huebner,
Managing Director of Mediate Travel sleeperoo Ireland

The Heads

sleeperoo entrepreneurs use their knowledge and experience to inspire and drive the development of a nationwide sleeperoo community.


Karen Löhnert

Founder & Managing Director

30 years + of Know-how in hospitality and tourism paid off when Karen had the idea of sleeperoos. Her enthusiasm for the product moves us on, she is responsible for product development, finance, and strategic planning.


Martina Peters

Head of PR

Martina Peters is our PR person, give her an idea and a philosophy and she'll carry it to the public. The Wow-Feeling of our experience night is close to her heart and transferring this feeling to the hearts of people is what she loves.


Orlaith Heeran


Orlaith enjoys exploring new locations and experiences. She loves traveling with purpose, sensitivity, and respect for all things. Orlaith is an Alumna of the University of Limerick and has enjoyed working all over Europe and Southeast Asia. Of course, Ireland is home, and shouting for the Irish Rugby pack is in her DNA.

The Story

How it all began: getting out of the rat race

It actually all started with a desire for change, the company founder, Karen Löhnert was very active in the tourism industry for years. However, she felt limited and unable to implement changes and improvements that were important to her. Then came the leap, in 2016 she quit her well paid job and began to explore new business ideas. After some months an exciting and innovative idea in the tourism sector began to take shape. The idea was based on people’s longing to experience something extraordinary and different. Karen linked the “extraordinary experience” idea to the upward trend in the demand for overnight stays and the sleeperoo idea was born.

Adventure Nights – a market with potential

Karen was always a fan of adventure nights and she could see that demand was growing. The idea to “Collect Moments – Not Things” was developing into a trend and Pop-up, minimalism and sustainability ideas were also growing in popularity. Karen understood that the existing offerings from teepees, treehouses, and glamping sites were only individual local suppliers without defined quality standards and clear recognizable brand attributes.

A crazy idea is born: sleeperoo the Adventure Bed

Big thinking was the order of the day. How about starting a company that offered adventure nights in extraordinary locations across the country, both outdoors and indoors? In locations where you cannot usually sleep like; at the end of a pier listening to the lapping waves, in the courtyard of a medieval castle or an actual night in the museum.  Crazy right?  Most importantly the guest must have a supremely comfortable and secure night in very eco-friendly and sustainable accommodation. In order to implement this idea, Karen took on full financial responsibility. She founded the company in 2017 and immediately started developing the stylish cosey adventure bed we now call sleeperoo.

More about the Design |sleep Cubes can be found here.


The Design|sleep Cubes enhances the most beautiful locations

The path from just the idea to a nation-wide offering of adventure nights was littered with obstacles. A highly engaged team had to be put in place then suitable hosts and extraordinary places across the country had to be found. This could only be done by people who understood the potential of the sleeperoo idea and the meaning of the motto “nothing is impossible”. After a thorough test phase during which much feed-back was used to improve the offering, sleeperoo went live in Germany in May 2018 from where it expanded quickly into four other European countries and in July 2020 it came to Ireland.


The story goes on!

sleeperoo is a young, developing company with many accolades under its belt including a deal from the German version of Dragons Den. We are constantly developing new ideas and winning new exciting partners – Watch this space!


Mediate Travel becomes the sleeeperoo licensee for Ireland.

The Journey

Harald Huebner came to Ireland in the nineties to gain work experience as part of his economics and tourism university studies. He was captivated by the country and its people and returned permanently after graduation. He became managing director of the company he joined as a student and started a destination management division which eventually became a successful stand-alone company, Mediate Ireland Ltd. in 2001.

When Harry met Karen

Harald maintained very strong ties with Germany down through the years, attending all the big fairs and generally keeping his fingers on the pulse of business there too. That’s how he first became aware of the sleeperoo concept in the media, instantly realized its potential in the Irish market, and reached out to Karen in March 2019.


Harald made his way to Hamburg to experience the sleeperoo Cubes for himself and was so impressed he decided there and then to bring them home. In November 2019 Mediate Travel Sleeperoo Ireland becomes the Sleeperoo licensee for Ireland and the first Sleeperoos arrived in the country in May 2020.